Lip Filler Tip: How to Get Interest-Free Lip Injections on the Gold Coast

If you’ve been frustrated by thin lips, All About Face Cosmetic Injectables can help you achieve the look you’ve always wanted. Our Chevron Island office is staffed with highly trained and experienced Registered Nurses. Doctors who are members of both the Australia Medical Society and the Australasian Society for Cosmetic Medicine oversee our team. We’ve helped hundreds of clients rejuvenate their facial features and take years off their look. Some have taken advantage of our unique program that offers interest-free lip injections in our Gold Coast office.

Interest-Free Lip Filler on the Gold Coast: How It Works

We want to help you look your best, with a refreshed, younger look. Plump lips can add a focal point and increase your confidence, as well as help in makeup application. Using dermal fillers, you can even create a “cupid’s bow” in the top lip if you feel that it is too straight. Dermal fillers are FDA-approved in the U.S. and have been used for many years to help shape and fill in sagging skin. In addition to the lips, they can be used in other areas to reduce deep wrinkles, smooth out neck folds, and enhance sunken cheeks.

The filler consists of a complex sugar found in human skin. We inject it into areas to fill in pockets and attract water for further hydration. We use a mild local anaesthesia for your comfort, and the lip injection filler comes with its own anaesthetic to reduce the number of injections and improve patient comfort. To keep this simple procedure affordable, we offer payment plans, interest-free, for lip filler in our Gold Coast office. Dermal fillers last for up to a year and can be used in with other cosmetic treatments for the ideal combination of cosmetic enhancements.

What Causes Wrinkles?

There are two types of wrinkles: dynamic and static. Dynamic wrinkles are the result of muscles moving loose skin, so it bunches up. Static wrinkles are the result of repeated muscle movement – after a while, the skin just stays folded due to the loss of collagen and elastin that occurs with age. Some factors contribute to wrinkles – smoking, exposure to sunlight, and stress all help wrinkles form. We use anti-wrinkle injections to freeze specific muscles and prevent dynamic wrinkles. Frown lines in between the eyes, forehead lines, and crow’s feet are conditions that respond well to anti-wrinkle injections. Static wrinkles, such as laugh lines and nasal folds, respond well to dermal fillers.

Lip injections, on our interest-free payment plan, is done in our Gold Coast office with dermal fillers and can be part of an overall anti-ageing treatment plan. Your doctor will go over the options and provide a practised opinion on the best way to get the look you want. We aim to help you look just like you, only fresher.

Please call us with any questions regarding our interest-free payment plans, or to schedule a treatment for lip injections, in our Gold Coast office. You can also utilise our Online Booking feature.


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