About Crows Feet Treatment Using Fillers and Where to Find Cosmetic Injections on the Gold Coast

Crows feet are wrinkles around the eyes that are very common as people reach their 30s. This problem can be a persistent one and one that is difficult to treat. However, there are effective ways to not only help prevent or delay crow’s feet but also to minimise their appearance once they develop, such as crows feet injections.

Although crows feet are sometimes referred to as smile lines, these are two different things. When you smile, you’ll notice lines that travel from the corners of your eyes out toward your temples. If they are simply smile lines, they will go away when you stop smiling. If they stay in place even when you aren’t smiling, they are crows feet. Many people start to notice these crows feet in their mid-30s, although some people see them as early as their 20s or as late as their 40s.

What Causes Crows Feet?

Smiling is the number-one cause of crows feet, followed by squinting and sleeping. These activities cause the collagen and elastic fibres in your skin to break down, leading to wrinkles all over the face, not just around the eyes. Most people smile many times every day. People smile differently, but those who use the muscles next to their eyes when they smile typically develop crows feet sooner than those who don’t. Sunglasses can help keep you from squinting, another activity that leads to crows feet. Also, sleeping on your back is a good way to prevent wrinkles, because your skin can get pulled or tugged on your pillowcase when you sleep face-down. Finally, wear sunscreen and avoid smoking to keep your skin in the best possible shape.

Using Crows Feet Injections on the Gold Coast

Cosmetic injectables can help before your crows feet ever become an issue. Using these treatments on your fine lines and wrinkles can help keep the collagen from breaking down further, so don’t hesitate to seek advice on the procedure when you notice even very early lines. Using injectables on crows feet is safe and effective and can make a dramatic difference in how youthful and fresh you look. Crows feet fillers can lessen the effects of wrinkles and give you a revitalised look. This procedure is non-invasive and can give you immediate results.

Where to Find Crows Feet Treatment on the Gold Coast

At All About Face Cosmetic Injectables, we understand how important your face is to making first impressions and giving you the self-confidence you need to be happy and get ahead in your relationships and career. That’s why we offer safe, effective treatments such as crows feet fillers on the Gold Coast as well as a wide range of other procedures designed to give you a younger, fresher look. Our skin care professionals are knowledgeable and experienced in providing these services, so you are in good hands when you trust All About Face Cosmetic Injectables to transform your look with a crows feet treatment or another procedure. Contact us today for a consultation or to book a procedure, and you’ll be on your way looking like you – only better.


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