Get a Fresh New Look with Dermal Fillers and Treatment for Acne Scars on the Gold Coast

Many people feel self-conscious about their visible acne scars, especially when it comes to facial scarring. If you have dealt with them yourself, you’re likely aware of how the appearance of acne scars can affect your confidence, especially in social settings. Yet, you may be unaware that there are several forms of treatment available that may reduce or eliminate the appearance of scars. One of the safest and most effective methods available are dermal fillers. If you are curious how getting dermal fillers for your acne scars on the Gold Coast may help you get a fresher look, read on to see how All About Face Cosmetic Injectables can provide high-quality fillers that work.

The Best Procedures for Acne Scarring

You have various options when it comes to treatment for acne scarring on the Gold Coast. Some of the more popular modalities include laser, fat transfer, skin needling and radio frequency. Another tried, and true method is dermal fillers, which is a minimally invasive procedure using a gel-like substance that is injected beneath the skin to help restore its natural volume and fullness.

While various treatments are better suited for different skin or scar types, most people can benefit from the dermal filler procedure, especially when your acne scarring is not particularly deep, as is usually the case. Dermal fillers are also often a more affordable treatment option for most people than laser.

If you are uncertain about whether dermal fillers are right for you, one of our professional staff at All About Face Cosmetic Injectables may be able to answer your questions and address any concerns you have before you decide to get dermal fillers done for your acne scars at our Gold Coast location.

Where to Get Fillers for Your Acne Scars on the Gold Coast

We offer dermal fillers for acne scar treatment as well as a variety of anti-ageing solutions. After you visit our location on Chevron Island, you will still look like you, only fresher. We offer a personalised approach to treatment for acne scars here on the Gold Coast and will work with you to visibly reduce the appearance of your scars, using only the best quality fillers. Our excellence is guaranteed, and our results speak for themselves.

There’s no reason to continue hiding behind acne scars that have made you feel self-conscious or embarrassed. You can get the smooth, youthful looking skin you’ve been dreaming of with our safe and efficient treatment for acne scarring on the Gold Coast. Visit us today to chat with one of our staff about the incredible results you may be able to achieve. Be sure to also check out some of the must-see before and after photos of some of our past clients to find out how well these amazing transformations can work.

You deserve to look and feel your best. With All About Face Cosmetic Injectables, you may be surprised at just what fillers can do for your acne scars, right here on the Gold Coast.


"Love this place and the staff! Wouldn't trust anyone else! X" - Jessica McLeod Mua